Louie Vidmar
Randomly Selective – Selectively Random

March 5th, 2003 T-minus 12 hours & counting

Odometer: 0.0 Miles

Thought that a milage counter might be interesting since this is a fairly long trip. Also got some plans ironed out, but nothing is final until it has been done. Here are my ‘plans’:

  * Wed Mar 5
      pack car
  * Thurs Mar 6
      drive to Idaho, get to Pete’s
  * Fri Mar 7
      ski at bogus
      babysit while Pete&Jill learn to dance
  * Sat Mar 8
      ski at Bogus
      drive to oregon
  * Sun Mar 9
      get to Dan&Lori’s in morning
      ski at Bachelor
  * Mon Mar 10
      visit UO
      back to ID?
  * Tues Mar 11
      back to ID?
  * Wed Mar 12
      ski at Bogus
  * Thurs Mar 13
      ski at Bogus
  * Fri Mar 14
      ski at Bogus
  * Sat Mar 15
      head home morning/noonish
  * Sun Mar 16
  * Mon Mar 17

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