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May 1st, 2003 iTunes Music Store

Earlier this week Apple announced iTunes4 with an online music store tied into it. Downloads are in 128kbps AAC (mpeg4 variant) format, and cost $0.99 each. Apple has gotten contracts with the 5 major record labels, and has compiled 200,000 songs to kick off the service. In my opinon their library lacks a *LOT* currently, and should be great once they hit a million songs or so. Some people are apparently fairly happy with the selection though.

Anyone that knows me, knows that my taste in music is typically less than mainstream. I’ve been searching their library of music for a few days trying to find something worth downloading (and spending $0.99 on), and I found one tonight. Its not an fantastic song, but its a single i heard on the radio that kind of struck my interest when I first heard it. It’s Trapt – ‘Headstrong’. The quality of the rip isn’t bad at all, it actually surprised me how good it sounded.

Hooray for high-quality legal music downloads!

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