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August 15th, 2003 Summer heat

Was planning to talk about this tomorrow, but because of the current heat spell here, I’m not going to the next tournament.

What did he say?

I’ve been competing in a few INT Waterski Tournaments this summer. I started out in 3rd class (they let you choose where you start out), and actually took a 2nd place (in that class) at my first tourny. Then at my second one, I got bumped into 2nd class, meaning I’m made the course at my target speed in 3rd class, and am working at a higher speed. Anyways, I have no idea how I did 3 weeks ago at my second tourny of the year, but I did make a complete pass at 32mph, so in theory, I could have placed again, only time will tell.

The last tourny of the year in MN is tomorrow, at the same venue as the first one we went to. The competitions were fun, great atmosphere with nice people. I’ll chalk it up to some good times, and more skiing experiences, and hit it hard again next year (hopefully)

As far as waterskiing goes, I started the year at 28mph, 15′ off the rope. Now I’m making the course somewhat consistantly at 34mph, and my goal for the year is 36mph. The thing is with the tournaments, under 35 y/o, you have to make the course at 36 before you can shorten the rope, but occasionally I try shorter rope lengths for a little variety.

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