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August 23rd, 2003 Quantum Bullsh*t

A friend of mine and I just proved that the universe can *not* be a giant ostrich egg.

no seriously..

Back in high school physics… the physics teacher would always contradict himself with quantum physics theories, etc…

So some friends of mine and I were BS’ing… and we decided to contradict things in Quantum Bullsh*t in which, it was suggested, and decided that the universe is a chicken sandwich.

Tonight I suggested that chicken sandwiches do not exist, with no evidence, or proof to suggest otherwise. Chicken sandwiches do not exist, people.

My friend (who was not around us at the time of the birth of quantum-BS) said that “by the same token couldnt the universe be a giant ostrich egg?”

I said no. and proved it thusly:

Because the universe is a chicken sandwich….
and chicken sandwiches don’t exist.
Therefore the universe doesn’t exist…
and thus the universe can *NOT* be a giant ostrich egg!!!!!

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