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September 5th, 2003 Cross the country I go.

Tis a strange feeling to load almost everything one owns into a pickup and set off across the country without a definate place to live yet.

Here’s how my journy begain:

6:15pm – Left cabin
6:28pm – Get home to pick up last minute stuff
6:46pm – Leave Home
9:02pm – Fill up gas in Aitkin, MN

1:53am – Fill up gas in Jamestown, ND
2:55am – Pull over just east of Bismark, ND for a few winks of sleep
6:07am – Woke up
7:45am – Fill up gas in Beach, ND
11:10am – Fill up gas in Billings, MT
1:51pm – Fill up gas in Belgrade, MT
5:54pm – Fill up gas in Chubbuck, ID
8:55pm – Arrive at Pete&Jill’s in Boise, ID

12:30pm – Left Pete&Jill’s
1:28pm – Fill up gas in Caldwell, ID
2:45pm – Fill up gas in LeGrande, OR
7:42pm – Fill up in Sandy, OR
10:11pm – Arrive at Dan&Lori’s in Eugene, OR (2173.8mi)

Truth be told, my truck gets 21.32mpg, and the average I paid for gas was $1.765/gal.

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