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September 5th, 2003 Online for a short time

Well I’m at Dan&Lori’s and they have dial-up internet access. I have been looking for apartments all week, and have applied for work at Berg’s Ski Shop, the Eugene Mac Store, Rack ‘n Roll, and REI. Hopefully I hear from at least one of them soon!

On the housing front, most of the places with a reasonable price are fairly trashy, but I’m a single male college student, so I don’t need a huge fancy house to myself, so it’ll be interesting to see what I end up with. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to check out a shared house, and I’ll be looking at a couple more apartments probably through Monday at least, unless I decide on something this weekend.

Also, I stopped at a bar close to the street I’m staying at, and they shall be playing the Vikings/cheese head game on Sunday, so that should be fun! Go Vikes!!

As soon as I get myself an address, I will be aquiring a more steady access to the internet, and a cell phone so I can get back to my chats and e-mails. Please feel free to leave comments, however, I love hearing from people!!

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