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October 2nd, 2003 Moving in

I’ve been slowly moving in to my apartment, I’ve got a sort of a desk established (No computer-type chair yet though) I’ve gotten a few cleaning supplies, though not yet enough to sufficiently clean counter-tops, etc.. Hopefully that will be taken care of tomorrow. I’m still staying at Dan & Lori’s house, for the moment. Once I get better established, I’ll have some pictures for y’all to look at.

College has been going allright. But today, I got there in time for my 9am class, and realized I had lost my bike lock key.. I had to bike all the way back to my truck (about 20 blocks) and drive another 5-6 miles to get my spare key, then back to downtown to feed a meter and barely make it to my 10am class on time. Missing class during the first week is some pretty bad karma, I hear.

Go Vikes, Go Twins!!

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