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October 4th, 2003 Look Ma, I’m on the wagon

well.. the bandwagon. (no I didn’t quit drinking)

It seems the craze these days with Mac users blogging, is posting screenshots of OS X docks. Apparently it started somewhere around this article, and lots of people have proceded to snap shots of their dock (or dock replacement) and post pictures of them in their blogs.

Anywho, here’s a teaser, keep reading for the real thing

There you can see my menu bar (clock, internet connect, airport, monitors, battery status, and ASM) as well as my dock, which features (top to bottom):
 – Finder – OMG teh findar!!
 – iTerm – Tabbed terminal (unix) interface (not an Apple iApp).
 – iTunes – Apple’s audio player (and music store).
 – Mail – Apple’s OS X e-mail program.
 – System Preferences – System Preferences.
 – Adium – Awesome AIM clone app, features tabbed single window interface!
 – BBEdit Lite – Great text editor!
 – Camino – Flashy stripped down version of mozilla, OS X exclusive!
 – Safari – Apple’s web browser, based on the KHTML engine.
 – My handy folder loaded with aliases to all my frequently used apps
 – And my freshly taken out trash!

Notice my menu bar and contextual menus (along with all aqua apps) are nice and smooth? It’s all thanks to a phenominal theme called SmoothStripes!

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