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November 22nd, 2003 Motivate me.

Well I mentioned a remodel of this layout a while ago in this post (the mock up of the new revision is over here. I’d love to get some feedback on it (any aspect of it, really) It should also be completely accessable in Netscape4.7 and Lynx (though not too flashy). I haven’t really touched it since then.

I’ve been working on being a student and trying to find a job. Recently I’ve been working on a new layout for the VHS Ski Team site, and that should be running as soon as I get some material from the booster club.

As long as I’m here, if you’re using Internet Explorer (“the big blue e”) Please do yourself a favor and get web browser that supports the web standards, and isn’t as insecure as Stuart Smalley. I reccomend Firebird (a light-weight, easy to use Mozilla based browser) for Mac or Windows, and if you’re fortunate to have Mac OS X, and don’t have them, check out Safari and Camino! There are approximately 31 known and unpatched holes in Microsoft’s dandy of a web browser, so many people use it, and wonder how viruses and worms spread so quickly. Protect yourself and make the internet a better place.

hmm, 2 entries in one night, wtf?

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