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December 5th, 2003 Stuff.

Well, I got the job. Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, I start after the holiday vacation. That’s good news, though some spending money for my trip would be nice. I think my official job title is “Microcomputer Support Apprentice”, though I’m not certain. Yay job!

I think I’ve decided to not do the ski team thing. It would eat up too much time (literally ALL DAY 2 days a week plus 4 straight weekends and like 2 weeks at the end for regionals and nationals), maybe next year. I’ll be doing plenty of skiing over the holiday, and there are plenty of trips through the outdoor program and the local ski shop to any of the ski areas around.

Thanksgiving was great fun, spent it with my brother and his family in Boise ID. Did some skiing at Bogus Basin, snow was a tad sparse and it rained one day. “A bad day on the slopes is better than a good day at school/work/whatever”

Decided against that “risky business proposal”. I’ll just say the story begins with “So I met this guy in a bar…” and involves selling some equipment (that’s currently in another state) on ebay. I don’t know if I would’ve gotten burned if I did it, but I wasn’t comfortable with it at all.

So the holidays are coming up.. wanna see my spectacular decorations?

You guessed it, click the thumbnail for the full version.

6 Responses to “Stuff.”

  1. Alphax Says:

    Congrats on the job; I started my first job in a long time recently, though it’ll end in mid-January. But it’ll be nice while it lasts.

  2. courtney Says:

    yipee! The job title is impressive. Good job on your decorations…Martha Stewart would be proud if she actually cared about her job.l

  3. Louie Says:

    thanks Alphax! Happy holidays!

    *lol* thanks Court! Pete & Jill’s decorations put mine to shame, but my parents’ aren’t much more abundant than mine… Perhaps I’ll have to TP the house with red&green TP or something. I’ve gotta go see what grandma’s apartment looks like soon too! Have a Merry Christams!

  4. Kristin, Eric, and Karie Says:

    Well, court’s not the only o’connell that can write you! (Actually, she’s a Carlson.)

    I (Kristin) saw grandma’s apartment and went on a triple date (me and nick, Martie and Dave, Grandma and Lloyd). 3 generations! I heard you were home now, sometime we’ll have to get together.

    from karie: hey louie, the wedding video was spectacular! i’m impressed with the fact that you have a job which is more than i can say for kristin. have a great christmas!

    from eric: what’s a “p.c.”?

  5. Louie Says:

    O’Connells everwhere! 🙂 Great to hear from you all!

    I’m going to be flying from MSP with my parents on Dec 26, and I’m not sure when I’ll be back next. Perhaps spring break, almost definitely for most of the summer.

    Aunt Karie, glad to hear you liked the wedding video!

    Eric, “PC” stands for “personal computer”, which technically includes most everything from Apple/Macintosh to IBM, etc… but it predominantly refers to computers with Intel/AMD processors (and usually run Microsoft Windows) that are designed for “personal” use.

    I also found this link on google that might elaborate a bit more: http://iroi.seu.edu.cn/books/ee_dic/whatis/pc.htm – Most of what they say is true.

  6. Paulette Thompson McFarlin Says:

    I did a search for a Martie and Dave Vidmar, as I knew Martie Kurtz Vidmar as a child. If your grandmother’s maiden name is Kurtz, would you please send her my email. I would like to say “hello.” Her dad was the pastor of our church in Reedley California when I was about ten years old. She was a Suzie in Reedley, but changed to Martie when she left our church. I visited her in Santa Cruz when they moved there. Lost track of her over time.
    Please reply with a NO if this is not the same Vidmar. Thanks