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December 20th, 2003 w00t!

Well “Winter Break” has been in effect for a little over a week now, and I’m enjoying it a lot. Got to go skiing all day Thursday, and probably going again on Monday and/or Tuesday.

Checked my grades online today, got a B in both my classes! I’m sporting a 3.0, and I’m really excited about that! I’m sick of hearing people whine about their GPA not being 4.0, it’s just sickening. 3.0 is an accomplishment for me, it’s the highest GPA I’ve had, and I worked hard for it, therefore I’m proud of it!

I think I might’ve mentioned that I might be racing in college this year, I’m not going to. Practices are *all day* tuesday/thursday, and that is hard enough to work a schedule around. The other factor is I’m new to the area and don’t want to have so much money tied up in a season pass to ONE ski area. Will probably look into it a little more next year.

I’m not sure why, but I’m stressing a little right now. I’m usually good at dealing with day-to-day stress, but I’m a little tense tonight. Hopefully I’ll get a bunch done tomorrow and start getting prepared for the future a bit. We’ll see. *sigh*

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