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January 12th, 2004 Finding contentment in a sh**hole world…

Ok, so my website got hacked last week, what fun. Doesn’t appear any damage was done, except for the index page was destroyed. I guess it’s a message to keep servers updated, even if they run on Linux and Apache. I talked to my host about it, and it looks like I may be moving to a different (read: up-to-date) hosting plan.

Holidaze So, I read a lot of blog entries bragging about loot people made off with. I might as well do the same. I guess I had to buy myself the best thing, a plane ticket to Minnesota to visit with a bunch of friends and family.
I got the new live Rage Against the Machine DVD I was so excited about when I heard it was going to be released, it’s pretty good!
Got the latest installment of the state quarters, in the form of a proof set, I’m not spending these, but money is always a bonus!
Besides the DVD, my parents gave me a Vikings jersey and some cash, so far it’s covered the cost of an ethernet crimping tool, and a few other DVD’s and some CD’s.
My brother got me a ticket to see the Vikings pound the Cardinals in Phoenix, but apparently the Cardinals didn’t know that was the game plan, and beat the Vikings in the last second.

The trip to Arizona was not for naught though, we got to walk by the Leinies brewery (it wasn’t open for lunch that day, but we could see the barrels), also got to see parts of Phoenix, Tuscon, and Tubac. Among the sights, we got a tour of BioSphere2 and took a shuttle through some canyon. Lots of cacti in Arizona!

Yea, after the Vikings lose, disappointing everyone in our family there, my Oregon Ducks play the MN goofers in the Sun Bowl (both my brothers and my dad are former gophers) and the goofers win. I hate sports.

Working I started working in the computing center last Thursday. It’s pretty ok. If not for the bazillion people who need their passwords changed every day, it’s pretty fun actually. I think I’m excited to get into the department and physically working with Macs. Should be a good job for me.

Ok, and the highlights of my week so far.. I went skiing at Willamette Pass yesterday, first time skiing in Oregon since I went to race camp in 11th grade, it was pretty cool. And.. I got a package from my Mom, containing one of the poticas I helped make over the holiday break. Mmmmm potica…

Well I think I’m pretty blogged out for a while, so it might be a while before I post again, unless I post again soon…

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