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February 5th, 2004 Bear with me

Movable Type was showing signs of being broken, so I decided to reinstall it. This also means I get a good chance to re-do my templates, yay, the fun. (no sarcasm here of course). I’ve re-done and re-hashed this particular layout so many times it’s not even funny at this point.

In other news, my movable type engine also serves my old High School Ski Team’s Site, which I’m trying to get into an acceptable capacity this week. Lots of templating for me to be doing.

I don’t feel like attending the javascript class I’m in tomorrow, there’s something about hand written javascript on an overhead projector that doesn’t tickle my fancy. But in any case I do have work tomorrow, so it’s bed time for me. G’night folks.

Before I forget the reason I was posting here… I’m interested in getting a one of those newfangled USB Thumbdrives to do my web design stuff on. If anyone knows of a way of possibly getting apache or some sort of way of parsing PHP on an external drive such as this, lemme know!

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