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February 24th, 2004 Microsloth.

Microsoft is an amazing entity isn’t it? They put out the worst flea-ridden piece of garbage, call it Windoze, and millions of people use it mindlessly. Well this just caught my eye.. According to my callendar it’s now February, 2004. They just now are releasing a CD that patches things up to October, 2003. Oh, and feel free to wait a month for delivery. Microsoft is dumb.

It makes me sick. People buy PC computer because it’s cheap, and then go whining to their tech support people when they open an e-mail, or simply contract a windoze killing worm from just being connected to the internet. I have no problem helping people out, and nudging them in the right direction (installing anti-virus software, and not using Explorer to touch the web, or Outlook anything to read e-mail, etc) and of course plugging Macs whenever possible.

Spyware? What’s that? Don’t get me started. One of the PC’s where I work got a nice going over by SpyBot today, with well over 100 pieces of spyware on it. People that work here aren’t stupid, though some of the software we play with during idle time might not be the best.

Have you hugged a geek today?

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