Louie Vidmar
Randomly Selective – Selectively Random

March 7th, 2004 Oh content, my content.

Currently all my sections have some form of content on them… it’s been years since this has been the case. Some of the content is just placeholders for the sake of not having empty pages. The problem is that I have so many different kinds of content, I need a structured layout so I can include just about any kind of content, and it should flow nicely.

I put up my working résumé. I currently have a job I’m very happy with, but it’s a bad idea to walk around with one’s eyes shut. Also, I stylized my album list (which is generating using PHP), and posted my list of DVD’s. Placeholder content for RecSports are some quicktime videos, and ditto Computers with some Googled images of my computers.

Site roadmap? 1. Main Layout; 2. Starter Content; 3. Polish Laout and Content; 4. ???; 5. Painful realization that I’m starting to piece together a make-shift CMS

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