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April 18th, 2004 Undoing Apple’s meddling.

Why I’m compelled to undo things that Apple changes in their UI, I’m not really sure. I like getting new things, rather than having old things rehashed and resold to me. Click this thumb for 2 screenshots of the result.

I don’t really feel like explaining every little step I did, but I will share the links of the references I used I guess.

The Mac OS X Hint – Proof of Concept, and most of the instructions.
Anatomy of a PrefPane – to customize the icons.

Also having a 10.2 machine handy gives you access to the icons from 10.2 when these preferences were seperate. And finally, I don’t think this was mentioned in the hint above, hide the original prefpane by changing permissions by u-r, or to I think 355.

Also, obligatory warning, backup any files you change, and be careful! Whenever altering system files, it’s really easy to hose your system. Enjoy 🙂

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