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May 13th, 2004 Spam must die, now.

Ok, so wining about spam these days is becoming cliché, but it’s really annoying, and it must stop! There are spammers out there who dedicate their lives to making innocent blogger’s lives a living hell. Luckily there is a fellow who dedicates much of his time making the world better for the rest of us. So not only did I delete each of the 19 comment spams that cropped up in the last 2 days and ban their IP addresses.. I also installed MT-Blacklist which should do a big part in curbing the annoyance.

If you want to advertise, pay for it like everyone else! I don’t spam your drug/pr0n sites, so don’t spam mine! Bastards!

On a lighter note, I’ve got most of my content up, including a jump start on my portfolio. I’ve almost got all the bases covered on the content now, and it will soon be time to deepen the pages so there might be some useful information around here again.


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