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June 4th, 2004 Minnesota – Wild Trip

Wow, the term is finally over, not counting my final exam next week. So far the only grade I know about is an 102% A in Multimedia Survey, and anxiously awaiting another grade that should be out by tomorrow sometime. I think the term went pretty well overall, hopefully the rest of my grades reflect this feeling!

Back 2 weeks ago, I went to Minnesota for my cousin Joel’s wedding (Congrats Joel and Angie!!), the trip started out kinda rough. As soon as I got home from work I started a load of laundry and made a beer-run (get some Oregon brews to trade for some Leinies in MN). Dan pulled up to give me a ride to the airport so I could be there early, and my plane took off a half hour late, I wasn’t worried as I had about a 4 hour layover in Las Vegas.

So when I got to Vegas, I found a map and find out where I’m supposed to be, wander in that general direction, check out a gift shop, and get to my gate. A mere half hour before my flight is supposed to take off, they announce that there was a scheduling error and there’s no crew for the flight, flight canceled. WTF?! They marched us down to the ticketing desk and got most everyone rebooked on flights the next day, one flight was leaving in about 4 more hours but I didn’t want to stay in the airport that long. They put me up in a cheap hotel room, gave me a voucher for a $5 breakfast in the airport, and a coupon for future travel. The catch was, I had to go through Phoenix rather than direct to Minneapolis. These legs of the trip went fairly smoothly, I think PHX to MSP was maybe 5 minutes late taking off.

My friend Andy met me at the baggage claim and we spent a good half hour searching for his car, then headed to his house where his girlfriend was bbqing some burgers. We ate, and drank quite a bit of beer, played some DVD Trivial Pursuit: Pop-Culture Edition. Hank joined in about an hour into the game and schooled us all. The next day we woke up a little late and Andy gave me a ride up to my brother’s apartment. We ate lunch, got dressed, and headed up to Joel’s house for the wedding. Was a nice outdoor ceremony that went off without incident. Then the reception, all I can say is I had a several cups of blue-raspberry vodka & lemonade and I danced more in one night than I had my entire life.

The next morning my family headed up to the cabin and got some work done, got the dock out, all the benches put out, tried to get the water turned on but the pump was apparently dead. So we headed home and went out for dinner with my grandma, and I had a new flavor of Leinies, “the high adventure” or something like that.

Then Monday, my brother, sister-in-law, and myself drove back to Minneapolis and departed to our respective cities. I got to Eugene at around 2am so nobody was available to pick me up so I took a cab, the fare was about $18 which is freaking outrageous if you ask me. Got home around 2:30am and had 2 papers due Tuesday. Low and behold, I got em done, still waiting to see what the grade the final revision of one of them turned out to be.

2 weeks later, I finally post here, I’ve been damn busy lately finishing up with classes and working. Work is going well, by the way. I think I’m about done going through the surplus computer equipment and getting stuff ready to be dispersed. Sounds like I might get to set up a set of ~20 eMacs at the end of summer, maybe a set of iBooks as well, hopefully both projects happen. We’ll see 🙂

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