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June 7th, 2004 OMGWTF LMAO?!?! CLEAN SOCKS!!!

OMGWTF LMAO?!?! CLEAN SOCKS!!! (final exam in approximately 10 hours)

What kinds of things do you hate doing, but do anyways because society would frown upon your actions otherwise? For instance, personally I hate doing laundry, washing dishes, general cleaning, shopping, paying bills, waking up before noon, and trying so damn hard to be sociable/personable…. [ edit: oh yea, and I hate studying too ]

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One Response to “OMGWTF LMAO?!?! CLEAN SOCKS!!!”

  1. Alphax Says:

    Hmm, looks like you have a pretty good list already. I’d add yardwork, especially things besides lawn mowing.