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July 6th, 2004 Boys of Summer

Well I’m “back home” now, I left Oregon almost 2 weeks ago for my brother’s place in Idaho. We got a bit of work done on his basement, prepping for their master bathroom and such. Then over the weekend we got the beams put in place for his bridge at his property where his cabin will be, and got trees cleared for his driveway.

Anyways, about me (this is my blog and all). Sunday night at 2:30 am my bus left Boise, and 42 hours later I arrived in Duluth MN. Trip was mostly uneventful, except for the guy who was working on the bus somewhere in Nebraska had a seisure. Obviously I slept all day, and woke up in time to go out for burgers with some buddies of mine on Wednesday. Then we went to the casino for a while, where most of us won some money, and it was time to go home again.

Friday we went to the cabin to get started breaking up some concrete. Something happened and we weren’t getting water any more, so we need to drop a new pipe down farther, and my genius father and grandfather decided to encase the top of the pipe in concrete. Hammer-Drill and Jackhammer to the rescue! Anyways, that all got finished up on Sunday and Monday.

Saturday was my birthday and I woke up at my cabin in time for the parade. Headed home a little while later and went out for some heavy drinking in town. Drank half a pint of flavored vodka, half a glass of some jagermeister mixed drink, and chugged some captian/dr pepper. Things got a little hazy from here, Jared and I wandered to the golf course and brought John a little present. We all went out to a bar and I saw some people from high school who I hadn’t seen in a long time. Then apparently we ventured out to Lake Fourteen for a party, but there was nothing doing out there so we went back to town and I woke up in Mt. Iron and puked my guts out for several hours. Twas a pretty good b-day.

Sunday and Monday I got to do a little waterskiing, and I’m in quite a bit better shape than I was in last year, but my arms are killing me today. There is a tourny this Saturday, I’m not sure if I’m quite up to my par yet, but we’ll see.

I’m thinking that’s enough for now, should be some more goings on within the next few days.

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4 Responses to “Boys of Summer”

  1. Jared Says:

    Alas, I did not puke my guts out after said drinking experience. Great fun was had by all. I shall partake again.

  2. Louie Says:

    I’m glad I only get *that* messed up a couple times a year, I don’t even mind the sickness in the morning as much as I hate not remembering half the night :-/

  3. Will Says:

    Hey are you ever gonna be on AIM again?

  4. Louie Says:

    Will, I’m online with AIM almost all the time, just only around a few hours most days.