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July 20th, 2004 Home, home on the range?

I’ve had quite a bit of fun being “back home” in Minnesota, but I realize I really don’t want to end up here long-term again. It’s a good place to leave, and an alright place to visit, but I don’t want to “live” here again. It’s nice to see everyone, family and friends, but there’s just not all that much to do. Play cards, drink, play cards while drinking, etc… just doesn’t turn my crank for too many nights in a week. Seems some people may be more bored with this routine than I, and there have been some other strange things afoot in V-town.

Waterskiing on weekends rocks, but there just isn’t the same excitement there used to be. My cousin who got me interested in tournaments last summer seems uninterested this year, and I just don’t feel like going to them alone. I’ve made about 6 runs so far this year and I’m pretty sure within my next 2 days of skiing I’ll be back in the form I was in last year. Currently working on 34mph at 15′ off (was working on 36mph last year but only made 4 bouys) There’s a tournament in Rochester this Saturday I might be going to, just waiting on word on if my cousin is interested.

In music news, I’ll be hitting up the Warped Tour this Sunday with a bunch of friends. Looks to be a good mix of both old and new acts which should prove a great concert!

In website related news, I’ve been reading and working through the book PHP and MySQL For Dynamic Websites: Visual QuickPro Guide and I’ll be on to the databasing chapter soon, and that should be inspiration for some more content to start popping up, as well as some better standardization and structure to the existing content.

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One Response to “Home, home on the range?”

  1. Jared Says:

    I agree. This place is boring. It is what you make of it, but I can only play so many card games before I get sick of them. I’ve always been one with a short attention span. In fact, the computer is my one exception. I can spend hours and hours on the computer, but I’m never doing one task very long.

    P.S. Warped Tour is going to kick ass. I hope to show off my hardcore dancing skills. Windmills, roundhouse kicks, and flooring punching I will execute!