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August 13th, 2004 Cyberwaste

Ok, ok, so I’ve been pretty quiet on here this summer, but not as quiet as some people, so yea.

I just got back from the Fear Factory show in Minneapolis, was pretty good (aside from Ness’s speeding ticket, way to make an $18 show really expensive).
Walls of Jericho opened and really surprised me.. I had heard a few songs before, but I think they were better live than the 2 bands that followed. There’s been quite a lot of hard bands with female lead singers lately, and this is one of them. I may or may not compare them with Otep (minus the bitching and whining), and thus better live.
Next came Sworn Enemy and they also did an awesome set.. their downfall under WoJ was their singer didn’t have breasts.
Then came the crunch that is Mastodon. I would say all crunch and no crowd interaction, though more of the crowd was familliar with them than the previous bands, rather good set nonetheless.
Fear Factory closed off the show with an excellent set of new and old songs including a Nirvana cover, which I must say was quite good (could recognize that it was a Nirvana song right away, but still had the FF sound that we all know and love).

What else? Oh yea, gogo 7 day bender. I’ll let you know when it ends. 🙂

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