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August 19th, 2004 Is Summer Over?

Bender: 14 days and counting, doubt it’ll continue past 15, but it’s been a good run.

Went up to Fortune(less) Bay last night with Katie and her mom and I broke even *again*. I just want to win one of these times dammit!! Sadly, Katie and her family are moving so they won’t be right next door when I come home to visit. I’ve known their family forever and plan to keep in touch and hook up with them any time I’m in the area for any extended period of time.

My summer vacation is coming to a rapid close, and I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to, though I had an excellent time. Made some friends (Mike, Lauren, Kristen, Danielle, etc), drank LOTS, skied a bunch, got to two concerts (Warped Tour and Fear Factory), met my nephew Ben, learned how to play poker and D&D to some extents, and all kinds of other happenings. Didn’t make it to any waterski tournies 🙁 (I blame Joel), missed one concert I wanted to see, and never made it to the Leinies brew house. Ah well, just further incentive to come back next year, right? Yeesh, and the last 2 nights I’ve had to build fires in the fireplace at the cabin here, brrrrrrr.

Tomorrow my nephew, Ben, gets baptized, I have to promptly finish packing, I want to see Katie’s family’s new apartment at some point, and I have a couple other errands to run around town. Should be a busy (though hopefully a productive) day.

Saturday morning we head westward, getting to Boise sometime Sunday, and I’ll be heading home to Oregon within a couple days to get back to my job. I know my blogging has been sporadic all summer, but just so you know, I most likely won’t post again until after I have an internet connection again. [And on a related note, Comcast is fucking stupid. I’ve gotten 3 statements from them in the mail now saying I owe $94.77 or some ridiculous amount of money and I’ve called after each occurance and have been told they owe me $1.29 or something.. get your shit together!!]

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