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September 22nd, 2004 Work is picking up.

Well work seems to be picking up lately, what with the influx of people wanting their computers to work before classes start next week. Lots of professors and students showing up with new computers they want to get working and such.

Life remains a tad boring. I have no disposable income to blow on “fun” things, and there is no snow with which to ski on yet. Roommate search is on, so far there is one strong candidate thus far.. I’ll be making my decision on Friday.

Also, I really, really want a new computer, and I’m eyeing up the new G5 iMac to replace my PowerBook (and potentially my beige g3 as well). I want to decide by Friday on this as well, as the $99 Final Cut Express (with a new computer) deal ends Saturday. Ah, dreams.

[edit]Yay, the FCE deal is extended a few more months![/edit]

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2 Responses to “Work is picking up.”

  1. David Says:

    So how goes the roommate decision? 🙂

  2. Louie Says:

    Yep, Trevor (another DA) gets the room. He said he was planning on moving in mid-month.