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September 24th, 2004 Mmmm, cheap movies.

I signed up for Columbia House’s DVD club a week or so ago, and got my 6 movies yesterday. Costed me $17.34 (and I have to buy 4 more at regular price over the next 2 years). Not a shabby deal in my opinion. I figure I’ll have it mostly completed by Christmas time, then I can cancel my membership and wait for them to beg me to rejoin 🙂 I updated my movies list to reflect what I got here.

  • Animal House
  • Matrix Rev’s
  • Office Space
  • Slap Shot 2
  • SLC Punk
  • Transformers The Movie

If you’re interested in joining, I’m more than interested in referring you. You can get 5 DVD’s for about $2.48/ea (including shipping), agree to buy more within 2 years, and I get 2 free movies! Everybody wins.

Work has been über-busy this past week, and it’ll be even busier next week with everyone being on campus for classes and such. This is by far the most hectic time of year for us.. closely followed by about six months from now when all these people’s passwords expire. My department has been reasonably interesting the last few weeks, what with having some general projects to take care of. Today, I “upgraded” an instructor’s computer from a 7600/132 to a beige G3/300, and ran software updates on two small labs of eMacs.

More pressing matters, in my opinion… I finally got my schtuff together from my parents for filing for residency here in Oregon. Not only do I hope I get it, I need to get it, or I’ll be rethinking this whole degree thing. One thought that’s popped into my head (if I don’t get it) is taking winter term off to ski a lot. I want to say hopefully it doesn’t come to this, but it sorta sounds like a win-win when I think about it in this light! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Mmmm, cheap movies.”

  1. Trevorski Says:

    1337 d00d. teh c0lumbia house is teh r0x3r. ‘cept when tehy fux0r u lik tehy did 2 me back in teh day.

    c, i wanted some bff, nin, etc back in ’98 or ’99. so i bought ’em and didn’t buy anything immediately. so tehy fux0red me, iirc.

    u c? take teh good w/ teh bad, so i say.

    n e how, gonna go 2 bed now, i think.

    peace out homeskillet-


  2. Louie Says:

    Assuming this residency shit goes through and I actually have money I can spend, I’d consider joining BMG’s music club. Only need to buy 1 at full price. Shipping is like 2.75 or something per disc, but still, not a bad deal.

    Columbia House is pretty ok, but the overall cost is looking like it’s going to add up.