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October 7th, 2004 Week 2

Well, it’s week 2 of classes here at UO. Haven’t been blogging frequently because I haven’t been doing anything interesting.

Some site news: I’ve been tweaking the layout a bit here and there, added some content to the music and movies sections, and I’ve signed up for a new hosting plan. Not sure how quickly I’ll migrate over, maybe in the next week or so, it’ll be nice to get this off of my computer at work.

Some requisite political mumbo-jumbo… I’ve been watching the debates and other goings on. I’ve gotta say Bush and Cheney piss me off more each time I hear either of them talk. Kerry seems to be much closer to my views, but is still not the “perfect guy for the job.” One thing I’ve heard that I agree with is “[if you dislike Bush and/or what’s happened in the world during his presidency], even if you don’t like Kerry, we need to get him elected and be just as hard on him as we are on Bush.” FWIW, if you haven’t seen/heard the debates, you can download the audio from them from Apple’s iTunes Music Store (the Democrat & Republican National Conventions, and 9-11 hearings are also available for free there).

Also within the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen Michael Moore’s film “Fahrenheit 9/11” twice (a friend gave me a copy, and the SOC department had a free showing of it on campus last night), definitely worth a watching. The movie is quite biased against the Bush administration, but it is very interesting. I heard Moore was going to try to get it broadcast on national TV, and I hope he finds some large scale public outlet for it ($20 for a DVD that’s only “cool” to have for the next month isn’t worth it IMHO).

On to Minnesota Sports! The Twins are tied (1-1) with the NYYanks in the AL devision series, and the Vikings are 2-1, and play the Houston Texans this weekend. I’ve been watching the Vikings games at the Good Times bar, but I recently found out there’s a sports bar about 5 blocks from my apartment, so I’m going to check them out this weekend.

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