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October 27th, 2004 Impact!

Sunday I went up to Salem to watch Warren Miller’s Impact. This is an awesome film, some of the shots brought a tear to my eye. There are some emaculate mountains in this world that I would love to conquer. I watched the movie twice and scored 2 sets of (six!) ski tickets, the plan is for me and my brother an I to make a trip up to BC in the spring.

Tonight was the “pre-Warren Miller party” in Eugene, the local rock station was giving away some free shit. I scored a free lift ticket to Willamette Pass, a Rock NRQ t-shirt, and 2 Willamette Pass pencils. They had great food at the club too (expensive but tasty). I may try to go check out the movie in town tomorrow night, but it sounds like it might sell out.

On to some bizarre happenings around here. Apparently last night someone tried ripping off my truck! My neighbor let me know about it, thankfully they spooked the crooks and they ran away, hopefully they get busted soon. Apparently the same bunch ripped off another truck in this complex, but it had no gas, so they found the truck 2 blocks from here (sans-stereo system). So if you see some tall white guys… yea.

Also the water here is off. The water main blew today I guess, how does that happen? So if I start to smell, just keep to a safer distance or something.

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