Life is Full of Important Decisions.

So we had to get my roommate’s car towed tonight and for using my AAA card and giving him a ride home, I charged him beer– which put me/us over 6 kinds of beer in the fridge. This isn’t the first time there’s been such variety in the fridge here, but it is the first time it’s happened with a decent quality camera in the vicinity. The beers are, Leinenkugels Creamy Dark, Leinenkugels Original, Leinenkugels Red, Newcastle Brown Ale, Deschutes Black Butte Porter, and Weinhards Private Reserve.

They say you might be an alcoholic if you’re proud of how much beer is in your fridge. But hey, the Leinies needs to stretch through the end of football season. “Mmmmmm beer……..” </homer>

And another neato beer photo teh Trevor took. I have both of these images at quite high resolution, so just drop a note if you’d like either as a desktop quality image.

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