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December 22nd, 2004 Merry F***ing Christmas (from Oregon).

There’s all these folks trying to be sure to not offend anyone these days, I’ve even been known to wish people a “Happy Chrismakwanzachanukah, and a Joyous Festivus!” But when it comes down to it, it’s all about the beer (or something like that).
Merry Fucking Christmas, from the Chaloopa, Apt 20. (photo credit: Trevor Sehrer)

These are the Oregon holiday brews my roommate and I have acquired over the past couple weeks (along with some Leinies, hey the red & green labels fit nicely). Here we have the Leinenkugel’s Red Lager (ba: 78), Leinenkugel’s Creamy Dark Lager (ba: 80), Mactarnahan’s Mac Frost Winter Ale (ba: 84), Widmer Brothers Snow Plow Milk Stout (ba: 85), Bridgeport Ebenezer Ale (ba: 85), Full Sail Wassail Ale (ba: 87), and the Deschutes Jubelale Festive Winter Ale (ba: 89). Also in the back corner, you can see some 24oz bottles of homebrew my brother and I made. What can I say? I dig my beer (but not too much), and variety is the spice of life!

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2 Responses to “Merry F***ing Christmas (from Oregon).”

  1. Alphax Says:

    Merry Christmas! Also, I’m sharing this entry with my brother-in-law who is an apprentice at a microbrewery in Kansas. Or I will when he gets up today..

  2. David Says:

    Merry Christmas! 🙂