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January 7th, 2005 wtf?

So, Death narrowly missed Aaron Carter yesterday. The 17 year old pop “musician” was quoted to say “You think you’re invincible when you’re behind the steering wheel of an SUV but you’re not. I’m OK but you can imagine I’m still in shock.” WTF?! This kid should have his license permanently revoked for making such an idiotic statement. Also makes a person wonder if there should be a written exam before people can drive, oh wait THERE IS! What state would grant him a license to drive?! And Death, I think Mr. Darwin would appreciate it if you tried harder next time. (Don’t take this tone to mean that I wish grim death to any and all pop stars, I swear I don’t, they are human beings, I think. It’s just anything to prevent them from continuing to “make” more “music” would greatly benefit mankind, IMO)

On a more personal note, my Christmas was quite nice. I left Wednesday night after work and stopped at Anthony Lakes for about 5 hours of early season skiing. Stopped and chatted with their race club for a while and they let me run their gates a couple times. I still wouldn’t be that enthusiastic about seriously racing again, but it’s always fun to bash a few gates. Christmas treated me to some cash, some shiny coins, a DVD, and a 7(!) pack of beer, among other things. Then Sunday we went up to Bogus Basin to ski with the kids.

Then it was back to work on Tuesday for a grueling week. Got the office computers all hooked back up in their proper location, and eliminated 3 fifty foot ethernet cables which were strewn about the office before, replacing them with less excessive cables. All kinds of other stuff too over the last couple of weeks, setting up several new eMacs and cleaning up some old iMacs for use in offices. It’s a bit of hard work, and a lot of time consuming work, but the net result is still a “fun” job. Not that I’d want to do this work forever, but I do enjoy it for the time being.

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  1. Alphax Says:

    I’ve been inventorying old Macs for my employer, mostly Power Mac 5260’s, with a few other similarly shaped models. Those things get heavy after a while! Some of them, it turns out, came straight from some school and when booted, they look either for a network server, or a Finder password that we don’t have.. and booting without extensions doesn’t get around it..

  2. Louie Says:

    All the g3 iMacs I was working with were “managed” somehow. I still don’t know the software used, but I did have the account information available. I think we’re to the point now that if it’s beige, it goes, and trying to get EVERYONE on OS X unless they have stong conviction otherwise. I would say we got rid of 20+ 7600’s last year, and it’s about the same with g3’s of the same shape this year.

  3. Alphax Says:

    My boss owns the Kids Computer Company, which sold old Macs configured for kids to use. Well, the company is more or less folded, and he needs to count all those Macs before he tries to sell them all to someone. So they’re all back in one of his garages, more computer junk than you can imaging one man owning, everything from PowerPC 603-based machines on back to Mac Pluses. Stacks of printers, keyboards, boxes of one button mice, I found the power cables hanging on two nails near the outside door..