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January 30th, 2005 Skifest 2005

I really need to get into the habbit of blogging when stuff happens. Blah. I’ll split it up into 2 entries or so to try to be reader-friendly.

So… around Martin Luther King Jr. weekend I had skied 6 of 9 (and subsequently 7 of 12) consectutive days. The Sunday before MLK weekend, I went to Willamette Pass and skied for about 3 hours (landed most of my 360 attempts), then raced home to watch the Vikings/Packers playoff game. w00t, the Vikings won, at Lambeau. Then Thursday I had my “Downhill Skiing” class at Hoodoo. I got placed in the group of people who ski better than the instructors, because I’m that good.

Then it was on to Boise, where I skied with my COUSIN!! at Bogus Basin, 4 days in a row. [edit 2/22/05: OMG PHOTOS] In the middle of that skifest, on Saturday after eating dinner with some extended family, Kristin (cousin from Minnesota, who I was skiing with), Kirk (cousin from Idaho, who I hadn’t met since I was maybe 2yo), his wife, and I went on the town for a few drinks and attemted to dance a little. The night started out great, some great stories were told, played some pool and foosball. Then I’ll just say things took a bit of a dive, and we headed home. Kristin played DD, and we all fell asleep and/or passed out at my brother’s house (Kristin and I were staying there for the weekend anyways). In all the commotion, I forgot my debit card at the bar. I realized this after we got home, everyone else was sleeping, and I was neither fit to drive nor did I remember how to get back there. I guess the point to this paragraph was I had to request a new card after I got back to Eugene. [edit 2/22/05: I got my debit card back on Friday. It was still at the bar along with at least 30 other cards]

Sunday, the Vikings were losing their playoff game against the Eagles(?) pretty badly, so we went skiing for the afternoon.

Then the following Thursday, I drove to Hoodoo for my class, and they were hurting BAD for snow, and my class was cancelled. Well they still wanted full price for the lift ticket, so I decided to make the best of the situation and drove another hour to Mt. Bachelor. I’ll say the snow was less than exceptional (worst. snow. evar.), but the coverage was there. I tried working on my 3’s, but I only landed one of maybe six attempts.

And.. I haven’t been skiing since. Skiing class was cancelled again last Thursday, as Hoodoo is now closed until they get more snow, and judging by the last time I was there, the [3 hour] drive to Bachelor isn’t entirely worth it. Maybe one of these days I’ll make the trek down to Mt. Ashland, and I am tentatively planning on going back to Boise and Bogus Basin / Pomerelle / (maybe) Grand Targhee over spring break. I think I’m on track to hit up more ski areas this winter than last. Wewt.

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