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February 22nd, 2005 Beerfest 2005

Back on Saturday the 12th I threw back a couple beers while deciding what to do, and I went to the 2005 KLCC MicroBrew Festival. Was only there for the last hour and a half, but that didn’t stop me from sampling 13 different brews. My checklist:

  • Anderson Valley (Booneville, CA) – Boont Amber
  • Lost Coast (Eureka, CA) – Great White – “very citrusy”
  • Oregon Trader (Albany, OR) – Toasty Oaky Stout
  • Pelican (Pacific City, OR) – Tsunami Stout
  • Pyramid (Seattle, WA) – Snow Cap
  • Redhook Ale (Woodinville, WA) – IPA
  • Rock Bottom (Portland, OR) – Maltnomah Porter
  • Rogue Ales (Newport & Eugene, OR) – Ãœber Pilsner – “not the greatest Rogue brew I’ve had”
  • Siletz Ales (Siletz, OR) – Spruce Ale – “tastes like pine needles”
  • Siletz Ales (Siletz, OR) – Chocolate Porter – “surprise, chocolatey”
  • Steelhead (Eugene, OR) – Cuvee’ de Peppar
  • Windmer Brothers (Portland, OR) – Hefeweizen – “I was waiting in line for the Lost Coast, needed something to drink.”
  • Wolavers (Middlebury, VT) – Organaic IPA – “organic beer… from Vermont… not the best…”

Interestingly, I ran into my biology teacher sampling some beer with some friends. When they closed, I was obviously not feeling well to drive, so I decided to walk a several blocks to the Indigo District (a bar with music). Along the way, I attempted to pay Jared a drunk dial (as he has done to me many times in the past), but got his voicemail, so then I called Andy and talked for a minute before letting him get back to sleep. When I got to the Indigo, I ran into McKenna (a girl I know from work) and chatted for a few minutes before using the restroom. Whilst walking around the bar, I ran into Dawn from my Biology class, and we polished off a pitcher of IPA. Both of us woke up with killer hangovers, and eventually made it out to study by Sunday evening (there was a test on Monday).

Side note about this post: These events also took place over a week ago, I’m such a crappy blogger. I’ll get snappier about it though… I should blog about this past weekend (skifest redux) quite soon, though I desperately need sleep tonight.

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