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February 22nd, 2005 Field Trip– on s.bowl Sunday

Excerpt from my essay:

Sunday-SUNday-SUNDAY, Superbowl Sunday in-fact— one of the best days to go skiing all year, but not this year. This year I decided to fulfill my science requirement, signed myself up for Marine Biology, and in so doing, got myself roped into going on a field trip to the coast. I was not overly excited about the concept at first, especially with the omnipresent likelihood of rain on the coast, in Oregon, in January. Barring unforeseen circumstances (or hangovers), I’m always up for an adventure, and when I made arrangements to carpool with three people I had never talked to before, I all but guaranteed myself an adventure. Susan picked me up about a block away from my apartment, we met Dawn and Ryan at the college parking lot and were on our way.

We went to the OIMB docks in Charleston, the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve, and finally the Sunset Bay tide pools. There were all kinds of organisms stuck to the wet-side of the docks, and in the tide pools, but the estuary was a long distance from the end of the trail, so we got soaked and couldn’t see anything but birds in the distance. At the tide pools, I touched an anemone for the first time, and it was kinda freaky (apparently they shock you and inject poison– but not enough to adversely effect a human)

After a change of socks, we went to try to find some dinner, some with hopes of finding out what was going on with the football game. The restaurant we went to did not have even one television, but we ate there anyways, due to hunger and lack of other options. Overall it was quite an interesting day, albeit a little unpleasant when the rain leaked through my jacket. Yet another adventure I will not soon forget.

Side note about this post: It’s been a couple weeks so I don’t feel like spending a ton of time writing this (also didn’t feel like pasting my entire essay), however I felt I should write something about it, as it was a rather exciting experience. Photos may be forthcoming, we’ll see.

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