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February 28th, 2005 Skifest 2005 Redux

Skifest 2005: Episode II kicked off a little over a week ago. I was running a little late for catching the bus for my skiing class, so I decided to make the drive and extend the trip by nearly a thousand miles (I had been thinking of doing so all week, but I sortof made an impulse decision to actually do it). I called Grand Targhee and reserved a spot on the CatSkiing trip for Sunday the 20th. Drove to Hoodoo and went skiing for the day, had my lesson (blah!), and continued driving.

I’ll say I got a traffic ticket which I fully intend to fight, as I don’t feel I did anything wrong. Got to Boise around midnight and slept a bit. Hung around my brother’s house most of Friday morning until early afternoon (I knew there was now new snow at the ski hill, and I have a hard time skiing for extremely long periods of time alone anyways). Headed up towards Bogus and picked up my [$199] 05-06 season pass at the office along the way. Skied for 4-5 hours and made my way back into town. On my way through town, I saw the bar I left my debit card at (during MLK weekend), so I stopped to grab it and found a pizza shop not far away to grab some dinner (and lunch for the following day).

When I went to bed, I was fully intending on going skiing Saturday at Bogus again, but I woke up later than I expected, and felt I should really change my oil before the next leg of my journey. So I went to Schucks and picked up a case of oil, a filter, a drain bucket, and an air filter (realized I was due to change that anyways, and they had a deal when you bought both Fram air and oil filters). By the time I was done with this and packing up my ski stuff, I was still and hour late taking off, and I was on my way to Wyoming.

My brother had some friends renting a house about 30-45 minutes from the ski hill, and arranged for me to stay with them over night (as I had to be at the mountain by 8:30am). I got there, and they were a little soupy and playing Cranium. They asked me to play but I wasn’t much help. I ate my frozen lasagna and drank a beer and got to bed.

I woke up 30 minutes before I was planning to leave which was more than adequate, people were starting to wake up anyways. Lisa called up to the ski hill and there was TEN inches of fresh pow up there. I clicked into 4wd and drove up there, signed my release form and got dressed in the parking lot. Met everyone on the trip and we were off to cut the rope with the guides (who are also ski patrollers). The skiing was INCREDIBLE!! Snow was knee deep at spots, most of the runs we made were quite long. I’ve even got pictures!! They served us a nice hot lunch in the tent, chicken fajitas, rice and salad. At the end of the day there was stale grape juice and cheese (I’m not a huge wine fan). After it was all over, I drove back to Boise thinking I would ski on Monday, but that wasn’t the case. Monday I ran some errands with Pete and the kids, and left for Eugene in the early afternoon.

Skifest 2005 Part 2: Skied 3 states in 4 days, nearly 2000 miles on my truck.

Stay tuned for another installment of Skifest 2005 over spring break!!

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