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March 7th, 2005 Hitchhikers Guide to…

So, the freaking LTD bus drivers union decided to go on strike this week. Now I think they should get paid well and/or get benefits, but when you provide a service that so many people depend on, such as public transportation, striking isn’t cool.

Anyhow, after class, I had a doctor’s appointment at 10am to check out my wrist again, and it’s still improving. w00t! I’m now almost positive it’s not broken. It was rather quick, but then I needed to get to the University from the C.College. So this morning I crafted myself a purdy sign, and I got a ride right quick. First car that drove by looked at my sign and that’s not where they were going, second car stopped and gave me a ride. w00t! People are nice. Hopefully my luck holds out on Weds when I need to get here again, and Monday if the strike lasts that long. I still got to work with time to spare. Monday is when [all of] my finals are, and the following week is spring break. If the strike isn’t over by the end of that, things will be hairy.

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