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April 27th, 2005 I dig Mac OS X

So today I wore my O’reilly “I dig Mac OS X” shirt to work. Also this evening we had a build party, all the people in the program we have jobs through get new PC’s (fairly spec’ed out, I might add– though I don’t know the exact specs off the top of my head– Some sort of 64bit AMD something with 1GB of DDR RAM), and Mac Mini’s (1.42GHz model + extra RAM). Anyhow, while punching out the bezel to slide the optical drive into, something bit me. My finger got a pretty good sized gouge in it. I bled pretty bad, but I finished the build and my PC “postulated” (though we couldn’t actually load anything on them because my boss didn’t buy any SATA power cables), so I get to have “fun” getting it running on Friday.

If the weather holds up until tomorrow morning, I get to spend another 3 hours running around outside (just like last Thursday). This time the first bout of activity will be ultimate frisbee, followed by more grass volleyball. I should get some sleep tonight.

Big shouts out to my cousin Courtney and Erik who just had a really cute baby girl, and my cousin Joel and Ang who will be having a little one running around by the end of the year. And to Pete and Jill who will be having another little one at the end of the summer. So many little ones.

Oh yea, only 42 hours left until OS X 10.4 Tiger comes out!

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