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May 6th, 2005 Seminar, Finished, Groovy

I got the chance to attend a Mac OS X Tiger/Tiger Server seminar today. Mostly it was an advertisement for the new features in the latest flavor of OS X, but there were a few subtle things I learned about. Mostly what was new to me were the features in Mac OS X Server. I could geek out for a bit here, but being that I probably won’t be running such a server anytime soon, I won’t.

Also today finally marked the conclusion of the journy that was building the math department a new website. The project had been just about complete for a while now, but we had to wait for a few things to happen before moving it over to the permanant server. Then when loaded on the new server, naturally, nothing worked. So after manually editing EVERY php file, twice, I was down to only 2 minor headaches, which could be lived without for a day or so. One, the photo album would load the expanded pictures, this was a simple fix to add _GET[”] to the variable declaration. Two, the random image rotator was seemingly completely broken. Somehow the line endings transformed themselves to DOS format, and a mystery character decided to rear its ugly head. Thanks to help from Hans, this got taken care of today as well.

On May 6, 2005, at 5:15 PM, Jonathan Brundan wrote:

I think you’re done…
Thanks for all your work!!!


Yay! Thanks Jon!

Lastly, I updated my pr0tfolio with a short description of my latest web project, and now I’ll have some free time to put up some of my photography and other art works I’ve been working on. w00tles!

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