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June 27th, 2005 omgwtfwaterskiing

So in the past week, I’ve gone waterskiing last Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (yesterday)! This is crazy! But it has costed me my hands:

Yesterday I could barely hold onto the rope. But the good news (sorta) is I now get a week off from waterskiing, and I can let my hands heal a bit. Also I have the opportunity to get a considerably newer ski for quite a reasonable price. There is a question I have yet to ask the owner of it though before I write a check for it.

Besides waterskiing, I’ve been trying to teach myself some guitar riffs and chords the past few days. I just need to keep on messing with it. I’ve picked up almost one riff a day, and been working on all of them to get the timing better and sounding cleaner.

It’s weird to find out people actually read this site. I often (ok maybe not so often), rant about things, or talk about things that happen in my life, but it feels kinda funny to find out who reads the site, especially the blog.

In other unrelated news (I guess I’m going for the the post most unrelated to itself today), I’ve listed my laptop for sale, and have had 2 people interested so far, but only one has made a somewhat serious offer (quite below my asking price). If I don’t get an offer of something reasonably close to what I’m asking, I may just keep it at least for the summer.

All that and my summer vacation/trip starts soon. Will be very nice to see everyone again! Well, that’s it for now.

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