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July 18th, 2005 Summer Vacation v.2 (Wedding)

After sleeping most of the day Friday from being on the bus so damn long, I went out to dinner with my parents and my grandma at Adventures. We got there just in time for happy hour (mmmm 2-fer-1 drinks), then I went to join many of Andy’s friends, several family members, and some of Amanda’s friends who went out to the bar for some drinking and hanging out before the wedding on Saturday. Andy’s got me hooked on Irish Car Bombs, I had a bit to drink that night. I crashed at Jared’s house on the couch, while watching Iron Chef on TV.

Morning came and I got dropped off at my car, then went home to get dressed and get back to town for the ceremony where I was supposed to video the vows. Things went off without a hitch (well, one hitch, but the good kind), and a few people went to the bar before going to the reception, I think I saw maybe 2 people with a drink in hand at the bar, as the wedding party still had to take pictures, and several people were driving.

Everyone arrived at The Giants Ridge Lodge, and got settled for dinner. They also had 3 kegs of pre-paid-for beer. I think I had 12 [free] beers that night, all the while hitting my flask of JD. Did much dancing with people from high school, and some people I didn’t know (don’t believe the rumors!!! 😛 ). After the reception was over, Pingry and I headed to the bar for a few more drinks, and the bar tender said they were closing in about 20 minutes (at 1am), but we indicated that we had money and wanted to chill and have some drinks and chat for a while. Well, we got the bartender to do a couple Irish Car Bombs with us, and soon we were joined by other people leaving the reception, and the manager of the bar. I have no idea how many drinks I had, but it was quite a few. After the bar closed (somewhere about 2am) 4 of us went outside on the deck to chill for a while, and then 3 of us went to cause some mischief, soon lost one, and 2 of us ended up climbing a certain Sarajevo lift tower #6, and then crashed in Jared’s room where we found Jared and Bjorn sleeping. Before sleeping, however, I hit the jacuzzi for a while in an effort to sober up. I ended up sleeping on my clothes on the floor.

Here’s a few photos from the night:

And here is a link to the rest of the wedding photos.

When everyone woke up, Pingry, Bjorn and I headed to VI for some breakfast. I ran into Katie there (my former neighbor and friend for as long as I can remember). After breakfast, I dropped the other 2 off and headed for the cabin.

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