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July 18th, 2005 Summer Vaction v.1 (Transit)

Pardon me for neglecting the blog over the course of my trip so far, it’s just not encouraging logging in and doing these things over a dial-up connection. Anyhow, I thought it would be a good idea to get this stuff written down, and to make things easier to follow, I’ll split it up into a few entries. Here goes the first:

A week before my trip began, I went to the Greyhound station in Eugene and bought my tickets. Ordering at least 7 days in advance gets a substantial discount, and came out WAY less than driving myself. Also by going to the station, I didn’t have to pay the will-call convenience charge (saved another $4 per ticket).

Then on Tuesday, June 28th my trip began, I worked until noon, then my kick-ass insanely awesome roommate drove me around to the bus station, where I was a little later than I should’ve been, but lucky for me, the bus itself was an hour late. So I took the opportunity to run down about 8 blocks to get my friends Andy & Amanda a wedding gift, from Oregon, made in Oregon. I got back to the station just in time for the final boarding call, and was on my way.

On the first leg of my trip (Eugene -> Seattle) I ended up talking to a truck driver, teenage kid, a trendy bitch (sorry, she was), and another guy about my age. Subjects went from politics, music, movies, sex, drugs, back to politics, to giving the truck driver shit for being whipped, and giving the girl shit for getting in trouble with her folks. Over the course of the rest of the trip, I met people involved in all kinds of hairy activities, which I won’t delve into here because I don’t want to 🙂 I won $0.90 in a casino/café in Montana, and ended up chatting with a guy who was on his way to Chicago to be with his fiancee who was finishing up boot camp near there.

My folks and my dog picked me up in Fargo ND, so we picked up some fireworks for the Fourth of July, and then headed for home. I spent about $30 on fireworks, and my dad spent about $11 :-/ I arrived at my parents’ house on Thursday, June 30th about 10pm or so.

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