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December 27th, 2005 Christmas-y post.

I’m one of the world’s crummiest bloggers. Anyhow, here’s my xmas post.

Went waterskiing on Dec 11th with Mike and Todd. Twas a bit chilly. Twas a sh*tload of fun!

I took a vacation of sorts from Dec 17-26th, visited my brother&fam, and worked full-time the rest of the break. After rolling out about 24 hours later than I was planning on, I got to Mt Hood Timberline at about 7pm and proceeded to ski until 10pm. Only the lowest portion of the mountain was open, and it was really cold/windy, but it was infinitely better than not skiing. I always get a kick out of being told “ok, this is your last run”, and then getting another or 2 more runs out of it and “closing down the mountain” so-to-speak.

Got to Boise at some ungodly time in the morning, brought all my stuff in and crashed. Sunday was my brother’s birthday, so he woke me up and he, Maddie, and I went skiing at Bogus for a few hours. I took Monday off, skied Tues, Weds (crazy hot out), and Thurs (crazy hot and raining cats– was soaked after 4 runs), before the ski hill ran out of snow and had to close down for the rest of my trip. Anyways I can not complain about getting 5 days of skiing in a week. 🙂

I got my camera in the mail from Kristin around the 22nd. You ROCK cuzzin!

We celebrated Christmas on the 24th, because the girls had to go to their father’s for the 25th. Now for the l00t I guess… I got a hat, some baseball cards, and 2 shirts from my brother’s family, an extra 512MB RAM and a Vikings sweatshirt from my folks, a mint set of state quarters and a mega-opener (bottle/can/jar/whatever opener) from my other brother, a roll of duct tape from my dog in Minnesota, Ike, a Coke truck and a set of pliers/wire cutters from my sister-in-law’s parents.

We were going to go skiing on the 26th, but due to unseasonably warm weather, some resorts weren’t even open, and others had horrible conditions. I headed home in the afternoon, stopped at the video store and got 4 movies (buy-2-get-2-free), and was on my way.

note: This post was finally posted on Jan 8 2006. I’ve backdated it to fit more chronologically in the archives.

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