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January 2nd, 2006 2005 Down the Tubes.

Highlights and lowlights (some) of the year:
– Ducks lost their bowl game.
– Another year of singledom.
– Sold my Powerbook.
– Lots of minor injuries.
– Greyhound bus riding.
– Grandma’s funeral.
? Two teeth pulled.
+ Met some really cool people, made several new (hopefully long-lasting) friendships.
+ Started the UO Waterski Club.
+ Competed in a few AWSA/NCWSA waterski tournaments.
+ Am a rated official for AWSA in a few events.
+ Red Cross certified first aid & CPR.
+ Shiny new camera…. bought, lost, then returned!
+ Got a shiny new iMac G5.
+ Kept my job and continuing my edumacation.
+ Skiing gallore, including a trip to Canada.
+ Several bar/club concerts/shows.
+ Trips to coast with Marine Biology class.
+ A couple new website additions to my Portfolio.
+ Shack Parties.
+ Amandrew’s wedding.
+ Guitar learning.

New Years party at The Shack was great fun. Here’s to a more eventful year in 2006. I made some wishes for the new year, but so much for the resolutions. This way I don’t feel guilty if things don’t happen, and if they do, bonus!!

note: This post was finally posted on Jan 8 2006. I’ve backdated it to fit more chronologically in the archives.

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