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January 8th, 2006 What up?

I was going to go skiing today, but since I didn’t wake up until after noon, so I decided to catch up on my blogging. Caught up on a few major events over the past 2 months, and becoming proactive about this month!

Went to John Henry’s 2 nights in the past week, 80’s nite Thursday, and a tribute to CBGB (Romanes, Misfats, and Blondage) on Saturday. Erin and Candee were there both times. After the show Saturday, I treated them to some munchies, then Erin took me out for milkshakes. 😉

A bit of site news: I’m testing the new WP2.0 on my machine at work, and will be working on a layout for it soon. Classes start this week, so depending on how that goes, I don’t know how long it’ll take me to get everything running. We’ll just say I’m playing with it, for now.

For some reason I have a good feeling about this 2006 thing…

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