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January 16th, 2006 Ski bum weekend

Well, part of the weekend… Sunday I took off to go ski Mt Hood SkiBowl for the night. SkiBowl has the largest night skiing area in the country, and for $22 to ski from 3-10pm, you can not go wrong there. Snow was tracked up, but moguls were forming on some of the main runs, and there was plenty of fluff left in the trees. I skied until the top lift closed, and my legs were NOODLES.

Then I drove around the mountain to Cooper Spur where I slept in my truck. I woke up a few times during the night and didn’t notice much of any precipitation on the windows, until I woke up at 8:45am. My truck was burried in about 6″ of nice fluffy powder. I rushed to the ski area, got my ticket and skied every run about 3 times by 10. They have one double chair, and maybe 10 runs. I kept at it until 11, when the crowds made the lift line take as long as the lift ride. Great ski area for beginners, and I had fun for those 2 hours, but it wasn’t worth waiting in the lift lines, and the snow was starting to get sticky, so I decided to drive home early.

I stopped at Summit on my way down, but they only had one lift as well, and looked to have less terrain than Cooper Spur, and the snow was getting really wet by this point, so I just drove the rest of the way home.

Was a fun trip. I look forward to doing a similar adventure to Mt Ashland, Warner Canyon, and maybe Mt Shasta if I can talk my cousin into meeting me there. I count about 10 days on the snow so far this season, at 6 different ski areas, in 2 states… Not bad for the middle of January.

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