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February 12th, 2006 Beerfest 2006

After a day of thrift store shopping (she got almost an entire skiing setup for about $30 sans-skis, and I got some dishes), Erin and I went to the KLCC MicroBrew Festival this year (last years post). Don’t really have much of a story to go along with this, but here’s the list of beers we tried from this year:

  1. Alaskan (Juneau, AK) – Amber
  2. Allagash (Portland, ME) – Dubbel
  3. Allagash (Portland, ME) – Tripel
  4. Anderson Valley (Booneville, CA) – Hop Ottin’ IPA
  5. Bend Brewing (Bend, OR) – Elk Lake IPA
  6. Big Horn (Salem, OR) – Poor Richard’s Ale – This years collaboration brew.
  7. Butte Creek (Chico, CA) – Winter Ale
  8. Cascade Lakes (Redmond, OR) – Pine Martin Pake Ale – not the greatest.
  9. Dogfish Head (Milton, DE) – Indian Brown Ale – might go well with General Tsao’s Chicken.
  10. Eugene City (Eugene, OR) – Natty Red
  11. Fish Brewing (Olympia, WA) – Amber
  12. High Street (McMenamins) (Eugene, OR) – Heavy Hand Strong Ale
  13. Laurelwood (Portland, OR) – Organic Free Range Red
  14. Mactarnahan’s (Portland, OR) – Amber Ale
  15. Mactarnahan’s (Portland, OR) – Portland Oregon Honey
  16. Mendocino (Ukiah, CA) – Eye of the Hawk
  17. North Coast (Fort Bragg, CA) – Old Rasputin – pours out foamy, then turns to beer, delicious beer (entertaining).
  18. North Coast (Fort Bragg, CA) – Red Seal Pale Ale
  19. Oregon Trail (Corvallis, OR) – Wit
  20. Oregon Trail (Corvallis, OR) – Ginseng Porter
  21. Pelican (Pacific City, OR) – Kiwanda Cream Ale
  22. Pyramid (Seattle, WA) – Snow Cap
  23. Ram (Wandsworth London, England?) – Total Disorder Porter
  24. Rock Bottom (Portland, OR) – Highland Courage Scotch Ale
  25. Rogue (Newport, OR) – Kells Irish Lager – Pilsner style something, much better than the Rogue Pilsner I didn’t like last year.
  26. Roots Organic Brewing (Portland, OR) – Island Red – not so good
  27. Siletz Ales (Siletz, OR) – Chocolate Porter
  28. Skagit River (Mt. Vernon, WA) – Scullers IPA
  29. Skagit River (Mt. Vernon, WA) – 216 Pils
  30. Snipes Mountain Brewery (Sunnside, WA) – IPA
  31. Snipes Mountain Brewery (Sunnside, WA) – Stout
  32. Steelhead (Eugene, OR) – Raging Rhino Red – sweet for a red.
  33. Steelhead (Eugene, OR) – Hairy Weasel Hefeweizen
  34. Stone (San Marcos, CA) – Smoked Porter – smokey, probably wouldn’t ever buy it.
  35. Stone (San Marcos, CA) – IPA
  36. Terminal Gravity (Enterprise, OR) – IPA – We thought this to be the best IPA, but were getting quite drunk at the time.
  37. Terminal Gravity (Enterprise, OR) – Stout
  38. Wakonda (Florence, OR) – Cream Ale – Had this one earlyish, was quite good.
  39. Wakonda (Florence, OR) – Timberbeast IPA
  40. Wolavers (Middlebury, VT) – Oatmeal Stout

Wow. 40. That’s a lot of beer, and a really long post here. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to “Beerfest 2006”

  1. nougatmachine Says:

    Why do YOU hate America?! >:-o

  2. Louie Says:

    40 beers in one night… I love America!!!

    There are some things, however, about America that I don’t agree with, like the president, and the war going on right now….