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March 7th, 2006 Good with the Bad

Started writing this shorly after president’s weekend, and never finished (blockquoted for no good reason):

Last weekend Erin and I went our second skiing adventure. First going to Mt Hood Ski Bowl, and then meeting bits of my family and friends at Anthony Lakes for 2 days. This trip was a ton of fun, and also my nephew got to go skiing for his first time. Check the Pictures page for photos.

About a month ago I went on a solo skibum adventure to Mt Hood (Ski Bowl and Cooper Spur), and one of my tire chains broke.

A few weeks ago I went skiing with a friend to Mt Bachelor and got a flat tire on our way back to town (his fault, but I’m not one to point fingers).

The next Friday, I went to Les Schwab and they set me up with a replacement tire and new set of chains for no cost.

Tuesday morning I found ants in my room in THREE places, this set me back about an hour.

Then yesterday I got a flat tire on my bicycle.

I’ve also been finding myself sleeping in and/or falling asleep in class lately.

And to top it all off, Erin and I both walked away from NRQ’s Pray for Snow Party with some free ski apparel last night again.

So blah.

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