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July 30th, 2006 The Vicarious MacBook

from David’s Blog:
MacBook mission a success
Today I upgraded to a MacBook (2.0 GHz Core Duo with SuperDrive)…..

For some unknown reason, I’ve wanted a MacBook for the last few weeks. *REALLY* wanted. The probelm is I don’t really need it, and can’t exactly afford it. They’re sweet laptops, perfect ratio of size to power (13″ wide screen, 2GHz Core Duo, Superdrive), and not overly priced. Well, a friend of mine picked one, er two of them up yesterday (the first one kernel paniced out of the box, returned it for another, which didn’t). Spent a good chunk of the afternoon watching him set it them up. The thing plays 1080p HD videos beautifully, something my iMac cannot do (though 720p are more than adequate for me). I figured for some reason that if I watch him set his up, it would settle my urge to buy. Mission failed, I want one even more now.

Jealousy ensues…

3 Responses to “The Vicarious MacBook”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Just save up the cash, the things rock!

  2. Andrew Says:

    Just save up and buy one!

  3. Louie Says:

    Thanks for the double comments. I guess Akismet doesn’t like you 😛

    If I had the money, I just don’t think I could justify spending it on another computer.