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August 29th, 2006 Vacation, finally.

Finally got my trip booked back to Minnesota. I’ll be flying in on Sept 16th and back out on the 23rd. I plan to spend some days on de range, and some in the twin cities. w00t and such. Sadly, Erin won’t be able to make it (she has to do something called work), but it’ll give us some time to ourselves, which I hear is healthy for a relationship. “Bah,” I say, I wish she could go with.

In the more present future, Erin and I (but mostly her) have been working on refinishing the floor in the room, and hope to have it stained and finished this week. If it’s done we (if not, just I) will be going up to Mint Lake in Yacolt, WA for the Northwest Championship Waterski Tournament. Great fun, and a most excellent BBQ (last time I even got to do some chicken grillin’)

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