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February 9th, 2007 Viva Las Vegas!

Stop 1 on my trip to the annual WCWSA meeting in Las Vegas. The Eugene Airport. They have free wireless here, it’s great! Hopefully I’ll have such luck again on the way, and I’ll try to update when I can. General boarding is starting…

Update: 1/2 hour flight from EUG to PDX, and they even had complimentary micro brew and wine with the beverage service. 2 for 2 on airports with free wifi. Got a few hours layover in Portland before going to Las Vegas. I’ll be cross-posting this to my personal website as well.

Another update: the meeting and fun excitement is over and went pretty successfully. I am, however, stuck in the LAS airport waiting on standby, and might get stuck here until 11ish pm. On the bright side, this is the 3rd of 3 airports with free wifi access. The hotel (Imperial Shithole) did not have free wifi.

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