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April 23rd, 2007 Waterskiing like Mad

It’s mid-April, and it’s already mid-season for us collegiate skiers. I’ve got 2 tournaments under my belt, and sat this weekend out. This years Davis Opener fell on the tail-end of our Spring Break again. I scored 21st in Slalom with 2 buoys at 52k, and 25th in Trick with 80pts. After this event, we were able to start practicing regularly behind Chris’s boat. At the Chico Luau, I got 1.5 buoys at 52k for 14th place, and not much worth talking about in Tricks. We’ve made some major recruiting progress this spring. We drew in over 70 sign-ups in our “Boat-on-Campus” promotion!

Also at the Davis Opener, I bought $15 worth of raffle tickets. Close to the end of the raffle, Marcus Brown randomly threw in a Monza. I won it, but the Monza was too small for me, so he gave me a System-8 that had never been used.

On the water, I’ve been struggling to get back into my 36mph (58kph) form. My goal for last year was to start cutting line, but with an early season clinic, and not much practice, I kind of fell apart last year. Still striving to find my rhythm on a regular basis this spring. I’ve been pretty consistent at 30mph, but I fall way behind when I reach 34. It’s way frustrating, but now that we can practice regularly, I can have a boatload of fun working on it.

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